Spam Link Removal Updates
I have been notified that malicious links to Apple iTunes using the shortcode XUe. The link was, in fact, malicious and was deleted immediately. Remember - you can always use this Report page or email to notify me anytime a bad link is suspected!
If you've received a malicious/spam link to Amazon with the codes KeQ, fPH, 82m, 5wO, JWo, pMk, they have been removed. Thank you to everyone that reported the spam links so quickly! If you are interested, the offending domain was linked to a phishing site registered by the chinese registrar BIZCN.COM. The whois report for the is here:
Several users have reported receiving an email containing a link supposedly from Amazon asking for your personal information or to reset your account. Thanks for the quick reports everyone submitted - there were two links in the database that appeared to be from Amazon but were used for phishing. They have all been removed!
The link that is being used as spam, malicious or broken:
Details as to why you are reporting this link: